October 17, 2012

The Plight of Sojourner Truth

The Plight of Sojourner Truth
by Latorial Faison

Her name was Isabella Baumfree
born to slaves Betsey and James
In Ulster County, New York
Dutch slave owners created their names

Isabella was one child of many
Yet many siblings she never knew
This was just one form of cruelty
That slavery put her through

She was sold to new slave owners
Along with a lot of sheep
Because she spoke Dutch intead of English
She was beaten with rods of heat

But Isabella did learn English
And in 1828 she was freed
She became a spiritual spokeswoman
And then she began to preach

Isabella changed her name
Calling herself Sojourner Truth
And this name was quite fitting
For all of the noble work she would do

She befriended some devout Quakers
Who encouraged her spiritual growth
With her will to help the underprivileged
She strived onward, under oath

She sojourned to liberate the enslaved
And she spoke up for all women's rights
She travelled a many dangerous roads
In search of higher heights

Sojourner was a charismatic orator
And her most famous words
Spoken at a convention in Akron, Ohio
Impressed every woman who heard

"Ain't I a Woman?"
Declared Sojourner Truth
Demanding equal rights for women
She sought to kill injustice at its root

She campaigned for the government
In search of land for free slaves
She preached the Word of God
And helped lost souls to be saved

It was a long, hard life
But Sojourner vowed to do it again
She saw it as her plight
To help the disenfranchised win

Sojourner was no ordinary woman
She stood nearly six feet tall
The voice she gave to the oppressed
Was her most significant contribution of all

Copyrighted © February 2007 Latorial Faison
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 2

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Unknown said...

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Latorial Faison said...

Thank you for reading and for sharing!