October 17, 2006

My Daddy's a Soldier

My Daddy's a Soldier
by Latorial Faison, Poet & Author

My daddy's a soldier.
He has a special job.
Serving our country,
He works really hard.

He wears a special uniform.
It's camouflage brown.
Protecting people's freedom
Is what his job's about.

Daddy's job keeps him busy,
His fellow soldiers are really nice.
But they often take long trips
And are gone for many nights.

I still remember the day
When my Dad prepared to leave.
That he was going far away,
I just could not believe.

Who would read me stories,
Tickle me at bedtime,
Tuck me in each night,
Get me to school on time?

Then Daddy reminded me
Of all the things moms do.
He said "Your Mommy loves you.
She cares for you too."

He said "Listen and obey,
And always help out.
For I'll be back soon.
Don't worry, and don't pout."

Daddy put on his uniform,
And kissed us all good-bye.
Then he boarded an airplane
That took off into the sky.

I was feeling quite sad,
But only for a while.
For Dad's duty overseas
Would help another child.

My Daddy's a soldier,
A U.S. Army man.
His job often takes him
To far away lands.

At night I think of him
Whenever He's far away,
And long for the day
That he'll be home to stay.

Mom says that I will miss him
Because I love my Dad a lot,
But even when he's gone,
He's right here in my heart.

So I keep telling myself,
Sometimes over and over,
That I have a right to be proud
Because my Daddy's a soldier.

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