February 03, 2013

Riding the Bus with Rosa Parks

Riding The Bus With Rosa Parks

Their skin was white
Her skin was black
So they told Rosa 
"Move to the back!"

She could have moved 
To the back of the bus
But one day she chose 
To make a fuss

A good fuss it was
A good fuss indeed
For a group of people 
In so much need

Because she stayed 
And did not budge
She was jailed 
Then she was judged

Mrs. Parks believed 
In equality
Now we can sit
Anywhere we please

The front, the back 
Whatever seats we choose
All because Rosa Parks
Just would not move

If I were on a bus
With Rosa Parks
I would thank her
For being bold and smart

I would thank Mrs. Parks
For thinking of me
On that important day 
In our history

If you were on a bus
What would you do
If Rosa Parks 
Sat next to you?

Poem copyrighted February 2006 Latorial Faison
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison

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