October 17, 2012

Ruby Bridges: Brave Step

Ruby Bridges' Brave Step
by Latorial Faison

The year was 1960
The day, November 14th
When a little Black girl
Was brave in New Orleans

Her name was Ruby Bridges
Some called her Ruby Nell
She lived through segregation
And gained quite a story to tell

William Frantz Elementary
Would never be the same
It was no longer a White school
The day that Ruby came

On her first day of school
She was so strong and proud
She stepped boldly without stopping
Through fiercely threatening crowds

There were people filled with hatred
Who told Ruby to go back home
They did not want integration
They taunted Ruby to make it known

But little Ruby had protection
Her mother, US Marshalls, and her God
As she stepped into this new school
Her teacher, Ms. Henry, won her heart

Ruby was, sometimes, afraid
But she prayed and continued on
With her family, teacher, and community
She weathered integration’s storm

Ruby Bridges’ experience
Is a significant part of history
Her unwavering faith and courage
Resulted in what we now see

Schools all across America
Integrated and diverse
Children of every color and creed
Learning together, breaking the curse.

Copyrighted February 2012 Latorial Faison
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 3 (2012)

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Steffanie said...

This is a beautiful poem. I would like to show your blog to my 3rd and 4th grade class tomorrow, and let them read through your poem. :)

Latorial Faison said...

Thank you Steffanie!

Unknown said...

helped me out on my research paper. thanks

Latorial Faison said...

Glad you could use it Felix!

Jessica said...

I would love to include this in a text set for 4th grade students that are learning about Ruby Bridges. Such a powerful poem.

Latorial Faison said...
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Latorial Faison said...

Jessica, You may certainly use the poem, and I hope your students will enjoy it! Just give me a byline :) If your use requires more extensive permission, something in writing, please email me at crosskeyspress@aol.com and let me know here, that you've done so. Thanks for reading my work and sharing it with students.


Unknown said...

history lesson Written so well