January 14, 2020

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers
by Latorial Faison

Buffalo soldiers
Brave and strong,
Civil war veterans
Black men in uniform.
Buffalo soldiers
Helped win the West,
Fought many fights
With courage and finesse.
They built forts,
They protected land.
Buffalo soldiers
Were in demand.
On horseback,
They served with pride.
In the wild west,
Many of them died.
Oklahoma, Kentucky,
Kansas, and Texas too,
Just a few states
Buffalo Soldiers rode through.
Much of what we see
In America today
Began with Buffalo soldiers
Leading the way.
Buffalo soldiers
Way back in history,
They fought to survive
And died to be free.

Poem copyrighted by Latorial Faison. All Rights Reserved.
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History

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