July 19, 2014

100 Poems You Can Write

Write about a person.
Write about a place.
Write about wings.
Write about a face.

Write a poem to read out loud.
Write a poem about a crowd.
Write a poem to memorize.
Write a poem about pretty eyes.

Write a Shakespearean sonnet.
Write a Japanese haiku.
Write a silly limerick.
Write a three lined senryu.

Write a long poem
In free verse.
Write a rhyming poem
You can rehearse.

Write a form poem about a shape.
Write about the color blue.
Write about mathematics.
Write about science too.

Write about language arts.
Write about world history.
Write about the field of drama.
Write about P. E.

Write about music.
Write about healing.
Write about songs.
Write about your feelings.

Write about school field trips.
Write about summer vacations.
Write about happiness.
Write about fire stations.

Write about the kinds of verbs.
Write about all types of nouns.
Write about changing seasons.
Write about fascinating sounds.

Write about creative patterns.
Write about different kinds of pets.
Write about your favorite sport.
Write about various habitats.

Write about fast cars.
Write about old or new toys.
Write about the stars
Write about boys

Write about giraffes
Geraniums, or girls.
Write about weird hats
Or fantasy worlds.

Write about your shoes.
Write about shirts.
Write about what feels good.
Write about what hurts.

Write about the good times.
Write about the bad.
Write about your Mom.
Write about your Dad.

Write about the future.
Write about your dreams.
Write about your name.
Write about what words mean.

Write about someone famous.
Write about someone funny.
Write about the president.
Write about the Easter bunny.

Write about the falling rain.
Write about the chill of snow.
Write about the warmth of sunshine.
Write about someone you know.

Write about French fries.
Write about hamburgers.
Write about Italian pizza.
Write about frankfurters.

Write about the four oceans.
Write about the big blue sky.
Write about anything in life.
Write about the question “Why?”

Write about beautiful smiles.
Write about upsetting frowns.
Write about the ups in life.
Write about the downs.

Write about what is wrong.
Wright about human rights.
Write about dark places.
Write about places with lights.

Write about bouncing balls.
Write about jumping rope.
Write about the definition of peace.
Write about the power of hope.

Write about fast trains.
Write about the thrill of bikes.
Write about skate boarding.
Write about taking hikes.

Write all about swimming.
Write all about bowling.
Write about face painting
Write about growing.

Write about parties.
Write about kinds of bees.
Write about your hands.
Write about the world's seas.

Write about writing.
Write about speaking too.
Write about the silence.
Write about you.

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison

Whitney Houston: "The Voice"

It was the ninth of August
Nineteen Sixty-three
When Whitney Houston
Came here to sing

Newark, New Jersey
Is where it all began
She was destined for greatness
And it was a Master plan

Singing ran in Whitney’s family
Her vocal talent would take her far
With family roots in the business
She would become a superstar

Whitney grew up singing gospel
In New Hope Baptist Church choirs
Spiritually lifting congregations
Her voice could take you higher

In Whitney’s early years
She both modeled and sang
She was the first Black female
To grace the cover of Seventeen 

Though Houston was a natural beauty
Her career would not be in fashion
Instead she would be a national treasure
For her voice was purely everlasting

When Arista records signed Houston
At the tender age of nineteen
It was only the beginning
Of the ballads that she would sing

Whitney’s first album topped every chart
Winning her a Grammy Award in 1986
She was an overnight sensation it seemed
The crossover voice with range, she was it

From “The Body Guard” toThe Preachers Wife”
With Whitney, there was no holding back
She wowed movie-goers and music lovers
With hit singles and amazing soundtracks

Hers was a transcending talent for all times
She wasthe voice” of her generation
Whitney Elizabeth Houston, a life in song
A testament of hope, love, and salvation.

from 28 days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 3

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison

June 30, 2014

The Military Kid

by Latorial Faison

I was born in North Carolina
I turned three in New Orleans
I began kindergarten on Fort Riley
I started high school in Killeen

I got my first haircut in Georgia
I lost my first tooth at Fort Polk
I saw my first movie in Hawaii
I got braces in the city of Norfolk

I flew kites on Shaw Air Force Base
I played my first song on Aberdeen
I got my black belt in karate
Living in Heidelberg, Germany

I attended middle school in El Paso
I became a teenager in D.C.
I met and made a friend for life
While living in Naples, Italy

I grew a few inches in Okinawa
Made the swim team in Virginia Beach
My voice changed at Fort Benning
I got my driver’s license at Fort Meade

I first wrote my ABC’s at Fort Knox
I tied my own shoes at Camp Lejeune
I had my first date at Fort Carson
I made the Honor Roll in Daegu

I had golf lessons at Fort Sheridan
I played baseball on Fort Lee
I have experienced so many places
Because of the military kid in me

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison