June 30, 2014

The Military Kid

by Latorial Faison

I was born in North Carolina
I turned three in New Orleans
I began kindergarten on Fort Riley
I started high school in Killeen

I got my first haircut in Georgia
I lost my first tooth at Fort Polk
I saw my first movie in Hawaii
I got braces in the city of Norfolk

I flew kites on Shaw Air Force Base
I played my first song on Aberdeen
I got my black belt in karate
Living in Heidelberg, Germany

I attended middle school in El Paso
I became a teenager in D.C.
I met and made a friend for life
While living in Naples, Italy

I grew a few inches in Okinawa
Made the swim team in Virginia Beach
My voice changed at Fort Benning
I got my driver’s license at Fort Meade

I first wrote my ABC’s at Fort Knox
I tied my own shoes at Camp Lejeune
I had my first date at Fort Carson
I made the Honor Roll in Daegu

I had golf lessons at Fort Sheridan
I played baseball on Fort Lee
I have experienced so many places
Because of the military kid in me

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March 07, 2014

Life As a Military Child

From the biggest cities
To the smallest towns
We must adjust
To the ups and downs

We adapt to change
We stay on the move
With new places to see
And no time to lose

We make new friends
We go to new schools
Sometimes we live
By different rules

We know for sure
What far away means
With parents who often
Work overseas

Life isn't always easy
But we learn to survive
With lots of hope and love
We grow up and thrive

Such exciting times
We come to know
As a military child
Always on the go

Just like our moms
Just like our dads
Different kinds of lives
We could have had

We may not know
Any other lifestyle
But we do our best
As a military child

Copyrighted March 2014 Latorial D. Faison

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February 22, 2014

Born at the Right Time

by Latorial Faison

for Brooklyn

You may wonder
What God had in mind
But he made you a miracle
Born at the right time

A miracle
To learn, to love, and to share
He created you in His likeness
With his tender care

You may wonder
Why then, why there
He created you to be a shining light
To people everywhere

Your light is innocence
Shedding joy and smiles
Bringing hope and love
Through all of life’s trials

Our time on Earth
However long
Is destiny fulfilled
In words and song

You may wonder
What God had in mind
But He made you a miracle
Born at the right time

Copyrighted February 2014 (Revised) | Latorial Faison

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February 11, 2013

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass
Father of the Civil Rights Movement

A long time ago
Maybe 1817
Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey
Came into being

He was born a slave
On the Eastern Shore
In Tuckahoe, Maryland
He was a house boy

Frederick learned to read
He learned to write
He had big dreams
But he had no rights

Frederick escaped for freedom
To Massachusetts up north
Gave up his slave name
And settled in Rochester, New York

DOUGLASS was the new name
That Frederick claimed
But an abolitionist and leader
Is what he later became

In New York Douglass conducted
The Underground Railroad to free others
The North Star newspaper
He created and published

After the Civil War
Douglass moved on to D.C.
Where he served as U.S. Marshall
And Minister to Haiti 

Frederick Douglass helped to shape
What we now know as history
He sought justice for all
Speaking bold words eloquently

He rose to the occasion
Of defending equal rights
For minorities and women
He was determined to fight

Douglass, the Great Orator,
Is known for many things
Activism, social reform
Writing and publishing

Frederick Douglass believed
In freedom for every man
He envisioned all of America
As a diverse and equal land

He advised U.S. presidents
And received many accolades
But Frederick Douglass is most revered
For helping to free American slaves.

Copyrighted 2004 Latorial D. Faison
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History by Latorial Faison

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