July 19, 2014

Whitney Houston: "The Voice"

It was the ninth of August
Nineteen Sixty-three
When Whitney Houston
Came here to sing

Newark, New Jersey
Is where it all began
She was destined for greatness
And it was a Master plan

Singing ran in Whitney’s family
Her vocal talent would take her far
With family roots in the business
She would become a superstar

Whitney grew up singing gospel
In New Hope Baptist Church choirs
Spiritually lifting congregations
Her voice could take you higher

In Whitney’s early years
She both modeled and sang
She was the first Black female
To grace the cover of Seventeen 

Though Houston was a natural beauty
Her career would not be in fashion
Instead she would be a national treasure
For her voice was purely everlasting

When Arista records signed Houston
At the tender age of nineteen
It was only the beginning
Of the ballads that she would sing

Whitney’s first album topped every chart
Winning her a Grammy Award in 1986
She was an overnight sensation it seemed
The crossover voice with range, she was it

From “The Body Guard” toThe Preachers Wife”
With Whitney, there was no holding back
She wowed movie-goers and music lovers
With hit singles and amazing soundtracks

Hers was a transcending talent for all times
She wasthe voice” of her generation
Whitney Elizabeth Houston, a life in song
A testament of hope, love, and salvation.

from 28 days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 3

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison

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