June 30, 2014

The Military Kid

by Latorial Faison

I was born in North Carolina
I turned three in New Orleans
I began kindergarten on Fort Riley
I started high school in Killeen

I got my first haircut in Georgia
I lost my first tooth at Fort Polk
I saw my first movie in Hawaii
I got braces in the city of Norfolk

I flew kites on Shaw Air Force Base
I played my first song on Aberdeen
I got my black belt in karate
Living in Heidelberg, Germany

I attended middle school in El Paso
I became a teenager in D.C.
I met and made a friend for life
While living in Naples, Italy

I grew a few inches in Okinawa
Made the swim team in Virginia Beach
My voice changed at Fort Benning
I got my driver’s license at Fort Meade

I first wrote my ABC’s at Fort Knox
I tied my own shoes at Camp Lejeune
I had my first date at Fort Carson
I made the Honor Roll in Daegu

I had golf lessons at Fort Sheridan
I played baseball on Fort Lee
I have experienced so many places
Because of the military kid in me

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