March 07, 2014

Life As a Military Child

From the biggest cities
To the smallest towns
We must adjust
To the ups and downs

We adapt to change
We stay on the move
With new places to see
And no time to lose

We make new friends
We go to new schools
Sometimes we live
By different rules

We know for sure
What far away means
With parents who often
Work overseas

Life isn't always easy
But we learn to survive
With lots of hope and love
We grow up and thrive

Such exciting times
We come to know
As a military child
Always on the go

Just like our moms
Just like our dads
Different kinds of lives
We could have had

We may not know
Any other lifestyle
But we do our best
As a military child

Copyrighted March 2014 Latorial D. Faison

Poetry Workshops by Latorial Faison

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